Alcoholics dating custody

He had no intention of permanently staying in recovery.

Looking back, he can see that he had previously hit bottoms that he had ignored and his wife had forced him to confront what would become his last bottom.

Some don't have a home or family to lose, which limits the type of bottom they may have.

In contrast, lower functioning alcoholics often have bottoms that involve losing their jobs, family, friends and housing in addition to going through emotional suffering.

For many HFAs, their failed efforts to control their drinking are the concrete proof they need for them to discover the depth of their addiction.

Certain drinking experiences may then allow this reality to "sink in" and lead them to admit that they need help.

One 24-year-old HFA recalls that she was stuck in a cycle of drinking to avoid anxiety and low self-esteem-her view of the world became completely negative.

These individuals were forced to address their alcoholism by their loved ones or by the law.

One 58-year-old man confirmed that the only reason he agreed to a 30-day stay at an alcohol rehabilitation center was because of pressure from his wife.

In fact, some HFAs hit low bottoms and continue to relapse afterward.

A 26-year-old HFA believed that a bottom had to be an experience "so bad and painful that you would know you couldn't drink again." She proved to herself that a low bottom does not guarantee sobriety.

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After 3 days of binging on alcohol, this graduate student attempted suicide.

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