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Kelly Rowland." Nelly won Grammys, started dating Ashanti (who at the time was on fire), designed a women's jeans line, had an energy drink, and put his hometown people, The St. But as is the case for those generally used to the top, it's a long Chink Santana is with Chrissy Monroe these days, but you may have caught that moment in the premiere episode where he mentioned how he used to work with Ashanti.For years Nelly has been hearing rumors that Ashanti was sleeping around, but he didn’t want to believe the rumors.It’s never been a secret that Shanti ain’t exactly sweet and innocent and amongst industry folk it is common lore that Irv Gotti hit that.Samuel L Jackson told reporters earlier this week (begs06DEC04) the rapper had been a regular visitor to the set of his forthcoming film Coach Carter, bringing organic vegetarian meals to Ashanti, who also stars in the movie.

From what we hear — Ashanti’s new duet with Keyshia Cole “Woman To Woman” rang a little too true to his ears. He also accused the model/aspiring actress of getting plastic surgery, courtesy of her former relationship with Floyd Mayweather. M.’s Instagram page: READ: Nelly Explains Floyd Mayweather Beef The Instagram exchange continued with S. replied with a post featuring Nelly’s current girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, whom he claimed to have had his way with during a search for models for the Apple Bottoms brand. Age: 43 (11/2/1974)Occupation: Music - Rapper Most Famous For: Nellyville, album "I wanted to be like, 'Oh, let's totally have a rock 'n' roll, goth wedding.' But at the same time I was like, 'I've been dreaming about my wedding day since I was a little girl." People thought I would have done, like, some black wedding dress, and yeah, I would have.

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Chink produced Ashanti’s first two albums and even appeared in her video for “Don’t Let Them” back in 2005, and the nature of their relationship was always up for debate in the rumor mill…Ashanti was with Nelly at the time and report swirled that both she and Keyshia Cole were both dating (and feuding over) Chink.

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