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As a conclusion and as a “surprise” for so many people, I am now happily dating as well a foreign girl, and things couldn’t be better.

Hope these international relationships could help open up the very closed and unsocial people of Finland.

I'm an one-women man, easy-going, and enjoy spending time...greeting.

Let’s say that Juha is not the typical Finn, he is very extroverted (in a Finnish way) and that is one of the reasons we are so good together but in Finland there is a commonly known problem, Finnish people are shy!

I find groups in Finland also very key thing people are not that willing to let go.

Maybe because some people are insecure and shy they prefer to lean on to their buddies which means that you might end up sharing not only your friends but also your girlfriends from same groups.

No.3 I never thought about it, but I guess we don’t have a dating culture, or more like we don’t have “rules” for dating.

There is no rule for doing this or that, it’s more like do what ever you like with a person you like.

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