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You can do pelvic floor exercises while you are sitting or lying down. You squeeze and relax the muscles around your back passage (anus), as if you are trying to stop yourself passing wind.Practising this exercise slowly then quickly, several times a day for at least three months can strengthen the muscles.It can be difficult at first, but it gets easier with time.It’s best to retrain your bladder with advice and support from a continence adviser or doctor.Leaking urine, and needing to pass urine often, or urgently can be helped with bladder training and pelvic floor exercises.Leaking urine that doesn’t improve may be treated with drugs.Some drinks can irritate the bladder and make symptoms worse.Cut down on or avoid: Try to drink water, diluted fruit juice and herbal teas.

These drugs may be used to treat an overactive bladder or stress incontinence. So if one doesn’t work for you, talk to your doctor. It stimulates the sacral nerve, which carries messages from your brain to your bladder muscles. It involves having a small operation, and it’s not suitable for everyone. This can happen if the pelvic floor muscles and the valve that keeps the bladder closed are weakened.This will help you have more control over leaking urine.It’s best to ask your doctor to refer you to a continence adviser to teach you how to do the exercises correctly.You gradually increase this by a few minutes each time.Here are some things you could try to take your mind off the urge to pass urine: Don’t be tempted to cut down on fluids when you’re retraining your bladder. You don’t need to do the retraining exercises during the night.

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