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In Japan, no matter how good your Japanese is, how many Japanese friends you have, or how well you speak the language, you will always be the foreigner.

There’s a teacher at my school who is half Belgian and half Okinawan. They have their own rules, social cues, and expectations. I’m not an expert, but I think almost three years of observation has me qualified to know some things.

Most friendships here are very surface level and that’s fine, but I would like to have a group of a few good friends or a way to connect to the cute guy at work that’s not the teacher party where I have to fend off the drunk gym teacher.

The Sagami survey also concludes, Japan is an outlier when it comes to sexually active people in terms of developed countries.

I think during my short time here, I would have loved to date a Japanese guy and see his country through his eyes. by one of my favorite Korea bloggers, Western Girl Eastern Boy.For the most part, my students are really into sports, academics, video games, or trolling American Village. Manga is more of a projection of the inner wishes of many women. What I learned in Japan: don’t expect Japanese men to approach you because they won’t. ”What they’re really saying is, “Can you please introduce me to a white, very attractive, skinny, fashionable American woman who I can meet up with once, and then use the photos to make my coworkers jealous? This is really sad, but a lot of my coworkers in their 30s look great, are smart, independent and beautiful women but are still not married. The blogger behind This Japanese Life writes a well informed and intriguing article “On Friendships in Japan.” Friendships are forged through formalities and to make friends, you’re introduced to other people.” (all you can drink), exchange numbers, sleep with them, and never bother calling them back. All it does is leave a bad taste in your mouth, discouragement and a trail of broken hearts. Making new friends requires a numerous amount of effort.To be honest, I know a lot of women who feel downright ugly in Japan and leave because dating is so miserable.They return to their own country where they have a chance at love and I don’t blame them.

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I feel like cheating is more common than this survey leds on and I wrote about Cheating in Japan if you’d like to hear some stories about my experiences first hand and hearing other people’s.

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