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” Something that strikes me as interesting is Hodge’s fascination with the website’s function as a real life sociological experiment.

He said: “Beautiful People reflects society’s ideal of beauty and this can be very different between countries and cultures.

It is based on a traffic light system, ranging from ‘Beautiful’ to ‘Absolutely not’.

“If applicants to Beautiful People get a majority of positive votes they are accepted, otherwise they are shown the door, it’s that simple.” Straightforward enough, sure.

Beautiful People was founded in 2002, and it hit the US and the UK in 2005, before receiving global recognition in 2009, amidst a flurry of media attention, and scores of debates as to whether the somewhat shallow nature of the site was acceptable or not.

However, this leaves the other seven out of eight deemed ‘not beautiful enough’ to be part of the beautiful elite, and surely that prompts some pretty strong reactions from some of the spurned beautiful wannabes? Hodge said that the site has received thousands of angry emails from rejected members, and that every single message receives a reply, often encouraging the applicant to reapply with a different photo.“However sometimes the emails and calls we receive can quite aggressive we have had death threats in the past so some people out there take it a little too seriously.” You may be wondering what some of the ‘beauties’ on the site look like.“There is no one ‘look’, however the trends in beauty we see on Beautiful People do tend to mirror the trends in beauty you see represented by fashion magazines, the media, Hollywood, and Madison Avenue.” This, I feel, is perhaps a little generous – in conducting my own research into the site, I found many claims from both members and those rejected from the site that it is primarily comprised of skinny, blonde Scandinavian girls in bikinis – in fact, I saw several comments stating that pretty much any girl in a bikini can make her way through this beauty filter.I applied a couple of days ago, answered all the screening questions (including those about eye colour, weight and, bizarrely, whether I can drive) honestly, uploaded a photo and waited. It’s insane, quite how much the rating system can affect your self esteem.Every time I logged in to find I’d slipped a little further down the slideometer, a little part of my soul died. ” I thought to myself, “I know this is just a silly internet thing, but why do I care so much what strangers from halfway round the world think of what I look like?

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