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Fontanelle also finds that Guziewicz's last fling was with a contractor who has recently worked on at least two other burned homes.

They then consider a suspect whom Guziewicz put away 12 years ago that just got out of prison.

Russ and Milt visit the man's home, only to find out from his two children living there that he died a short time ago.

It turns out the man wasn't a John, but instead a wealthy and successful businessman who is the real father of the deceased woman.

Helen Hawthorne came to South Florida on the run, working dead-end jobs for cash under the table.

Ultimately, the cause of the Commander's house fire is found to be a romantic gesture-gone-bad, attributed to the neighbor who made the 911 call.Meanwhile, Detective Jacocks helps Russ get to the root of why Milt was reassigned from Detroit to Battle Creek.Russ and Milt investigate the death of a local woman who had been a drug addict and prostitute, but who had apparently cleaned up recently in an attempt to reconnect with her son.However most of the scenes in the opening credits were filmed in Battle Creek.The main actors visited Battle Creek, Michigan, in the summer of 2014 to get a feel of the location, people, and especially the police department.

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