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If the parties do not have an agreement about paternity, either party, the Florida Department of Child Services, or the child through a guardian or another legal representative may initiate a court proceeding to have paternity established.During the paternity hearing, the judge may also issue orders regarding child support, parenting time, and decision-making power for the child’s care.Timesharing (Child Custody)Florida describes its child custody laws as timesharing laws that involve a parenting plan.Even when the parents agree about custody of the child, the court will still require the parties to create a parenting plan.Serving people in Hollywood and surrounding cities, family lawyer Cindy D.

In some cases, such as when one parent decides to relocate to a distant location, one parent or the other will need to pursue a modification of an existing order.

For example, we have handled issues related to child support and paternity involving professional athletes, as well as domestic violence disputes.

We are here to listen to the details of your situation, understand your personal goals, and develop a strategy designed to achieve them.

Domestic violence protections also apply to partners in a dating relationship, whether the relationship is ongoing or terminated.

(A dating relationship must have an intimate, romantic, or sexual nature.) In any of these instances, the court may issue orders protecting a victim of domestic violence, and the state may prosecute persons who violate the terms of a domestic violence injunction.

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She has acquired substantial trial experience as a former attorney for Legal Aid.

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