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Some drivers can manage hardware wakeup events, which make the system leave the low-power state.

This feature may be enabled or disabled using the relevant Devices may also be put into low-power states while the system is running, independently of other power management activity in principle.

There also is a deprecated “old” or “legacy” interface for power management operations available at least for some subsystems.

This approach does not use objects and it is suitable only for implementing system sleep power management methods in a limited way.

Examples of hardware wakeup events include an alarm from a real time clock, network wake-on-LAN packets, keyboard or mouse activity, and media insertion or removal (for PCMCIA, MMC/SD, USB, and so on).

There’s not a lot to be said about those low-power states except that they are very system-specific, and often device-specific.

This writeup gives an overview of how drivers interact with system-wide power management goals, emphasizing the models and interfaces that are shared by everything that hooks up to the driver model core.

Read it as background for the domain-specific work you’d do with any specific driver.

Most suspended devices will have quiesced all I/O: no more DMA or IRQs (except for wakeup events), no more data read or written, and requests from upstream drivers are no longer accepted.

A given bus or platform may have different requirements though.

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If device wakeup mechanisms are enabled or disabled directly by drivers, they also should use directly in any case.

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