Error validating location org tigris subversion javahl clientexception

Currently I'm busy at work developping applications though.. Currently I'm busy at work developping applications though.. It works perfect with authentication : D much better than using a svn ssh connection to make it safe for remote users.I can access the svn from this url now : https://myserver/svn/projectx It also seems that I got the websvn working now. That way you can use htpasswd command to create hashed passwords that can be used in svn access.I can't help on your posted problem, but I would recommend trying subversive instead.I made the switch out of frustration with some subclipse bugs and have been much happier. Eclipse Subversive Project the problem is that the macosx development tools bring their own subversion version with it, quite old (1.2 or 1.3, something like it.) Either you upgrade to a newer subversion on your mac, or you use the older libraries for your eclipse (I suggest the first option).Step1: Installing the plug-in (subclipse) Launch eclipse and go to : help-search for new features Then press "new remote site" and add " Then follow the instraction to install the plugin. page=overview&project=subversive) which acts as Subversion and now I have no problems. Regarding the subversion problem in svnserve.conf: kindly mention how you start the svnserve daemon... It is better to create the new repository (svnadmin create) with --fs-type=fsfs. Subclipse with javahl has problems..I try to use file protocol to configure a remote host in subclipse, that url gets appended after the eclipse installation folder, e.g, if I specify file:///subversion_repositories/repository1, subclipse using javahl tries to go to /home/leo/eclipse/file/subversion_repositories/repository1, which is not a valid path, assume eclipse was installed at /home/leo/eclipse.

I did it as told in howto and after trying to use subclipse whole eclipse crashed. So if anyone has this problem try to uninstall libsvn-javahl I have eclipse and the subclipse plugin installed.

# All the modified or additional information will be updated on this post in order for everyone to get alwasys up-to date information. Here is the how-to for setting up the subversion client with eclipse and the server. Interrupted commit operations do not cause repository inconsistency or corruption.

# After you've done this, some of you might need tomcat5 Apache2 set up. Hope this will help you more productive coding : D First of all, regarding "Subversion" For more detail, please refer to Here is the snipet about the difference between CVS & Subversion. * Renamed/copied/moved/removed files retain full revision history. This reduces unnecessary network traffic to the repository host.

I installed subclipse in eclipse, but I get an error message "Expected format '3' of repository; found format '5'" when I try to open a repository.

Here is the sequence of steps that leads to the error message.

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