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Later lenses do not have the date code and I am not personally aware when this changed eg my 120mm makro planar is a CFi with no date code, serial 88.Hi, My serial number is 7094214Here are some 45/4 images: Images/MFDB_VS_DSLR/Forsmark3_20130626-CF043211.jpg Images/MFDB_VS_DSLR2/Brahe_20130907-CF044064The impression I have is that the lenses are quite similar between generations.Two exceptions I am aware of are the 100/3.5 and 40/4 CFE IF, both of those lenses are probably excellent performers.I have the 40/4 CFE (non IF), 50/4 FLE, 80/2.8 CFE, 120/4 CF and the 150/4 CF.

Only information verified by the local Hasselblad partner is registered.

Also wondering if the 250 SA is a better choice than the 250. You are aware that serial numbers are a poor guide to actual year?

The earlier lenses are date marked as follows: C Lenses You can tell the age of C and C T* lenses from the three or four digit code marked in red on the lens rear barrel.

And the following two numbers are the last two digits of the year in reverse.

Therefore a lens with the code H98 would have been manufactured in August 1989. I understand if returned to the factory for major work, element replacement for example, the work date code would be added.

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The following information is registered: Serial number, product type, shipping date from factory, name of Hasselblad partner to whom the equipment was shipped.

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