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If you're tired of scrolling through profiles and getting no response, their research indicates, you need an attractive photo, a quippy headline, and an online profile name beginning with a letter between . To discover the most effective approaches for wooing a potential bed buddy, the researchers analyzed studies in the expected fields of psychology, sociology, and behavioral science, yet also in the unlikely domains of computer science and neurocognitive science.

This openness can lead a person to trust a stranger much more easily and develop intense feelings more quickly.Culling from nearly 4,000 published papers, the researchers found a mere 86 that met their strict inclusion criteria.After synthesizing all the findings, the researchers came up with a few pointers, dos and don'ts if you will, for online daters who are tired of waiting.Remember, too, that women find a man more attractive when another woman is smiling up at him.One final hint for the ladies: “Women seeking men should wear red to boost the level of interest,” Khan says.

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