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And it was such a blow that Simon actually dropped to his knees, he told Radar

Tamra Barney’s Husband Files For Divorce, Accuses Her Of Cheating Simon was at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas on Saturday night and thought Tamra was back in Los Angeles.

I sure hope it's not true because I love him and he loves me." I'm like, "Whatever, if he loves you.." What I want everyone to know is that I don't care either way. I'm glad she found Eddie, they seem extremely happy. Now how can I orchestrate a rumor when I was as much in shock as Gretchen, Lydia and Kelly? And I became friends with Ricky through knowing Tamra and Eddie and I was in their wedding. Because what it's positioning the group of women here... [laughs] Gunvalson: So are you wrong by saying that you've heard that Eddie's been with men? Too Fab: So you feel like stuff has come out that you wanted to keep personal? During the scene featuring Gunvalson, Gretchen Rossi, Kelly Dodd and Lizzie Rovsek, party guest Ricky Santana told the ladies he witnessed Eddie making out with a guy after Rossi asked, "Do you know if Eddie's gay or not? Then we got on the bus and we were all light drunk. Kelly shook her head because we have talked about that rumor privately but never on camera. Gunvalson: To the LGBTQ fans that watch the show, I adore you. She had my back, and you know it took me a little while to realize it. " After the episode aired, Judge ripped her co-stars on Instagram: "How orchestrated and wrong was that? They are nothing but homophobic bullies that think it's okay to try and Out a straight man hoping to humiliate him," she wrote. Too Fab: You and Kelly talked about it or you and all the girls? Gunvalson: I guess because she's the one that started it. If I did, I would have been mic'd up and I would have said, "Hey Kelly, have you heard that Eddie's gay or had a past? Too Fab: So what if Tamra, for instance, is aware of the past or that he considers himself even bisexual now. When Simon arrived at the club around midnight he got quite a shock.“I walked in and I saw Tamra with a friend of mine, Eddie Judge,” Simon told Radar

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Tamra plans a co-ed weekend in Las Vegas that ends up testing the couples trust once pictures from Eddie's bachelor party are sent to Heather's i Phone.

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