Self reliant dating

Do you feel “less than” because you are single and other people in your life are in relationships?

Do you find that you wait for others to recognize your accomplishments before being proud of them yourself?

These tendencies get in the way of true happiness and feeling good about what we have and who we are.

One of the ways to overcome this is by developing and maintaining a positive relationship with yourself and increasing your self-esteem. When feeling insecure, it is likely that you will look back on interactions, conversations and experiences and wish you could change something you said or did.

It wasn’t until I was older that I truly realized the special pros and cons of being an only child. From a young age, my parents forced me to make choices.

Even as simple as "Choose between these outfits" in elementary school; they wanted me to be able to choose things for myself.

I do not understand how so many men at 30 or older can not want to make better lives for themselves, or are the good ones really just all taken?? why is it so acceptable for men to not be responsible?? Well, the problem with work is it's alot of work; they expect you to show up on time, dress a certain way, and it really brings down my high. Maybe I need myself a "suga mama"The reason why I replied to this post is that it seems that women are so preoccupied with a man's financial situation that's it's their primary concern.This involves tuning into and taking care of your own needs, accepting your strengths and weaknesses, recognizing your positive qualities and making choices that enhance your personal wellbeing. Use positive self-talk and be your own cheerleader. Be good to yourself by getting adequate sleep, taking care of your personal hygiene, creating time to be alone, saying no when you need to, eating in nutritious ways, stimulating your mind and connecting with others. You may wonder if you represented yourself well or if you said the wrong thing.Change thoughts such as “I’m a loser” or “I always mess things up” to statements that are more positive and encouraging. Regular exercise fends off depression, low energy and disease while increasing stress management abilities and enhancing your mood. These tendencies easily create anxiety and self-judgment.Personally, I like playing video games and riding my bike. I do what I [email protected] I could care less how much money they have, just that they care enough about themselves to want to give themselves and any children they have a decent life.I didn't say they had to own a big house and drive a mercedes, just that they should not live with mom and dad, and have no job to provide for their own.

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