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Responding to your child's needs in predictable, sensitive and affectionate ways is the best way to help your child form a secure attachment.

When you respond quickly to your infant's needs — by picking them up when they want to be held and feeding them when they are hungry — your infant learns to trust you.

Environmental changes such as parental divorce can affect a child's development, but parents have the power to help their children adjust to family changes.

This guide is part of a series aimed at helping families in which parents are separated or divorcing and who share parenting responsibilities for children.

Even when infants learn this, they don't remember things for long.

Infants have difficulty remembering and forming close bonds with parents they do not see often.

You may notice an increase in your infant's separation distress during the divorce process.

Sometimes parents divorce and one parent drops out of the infant's life.

Infants and toddlers can have secure attachments with both parents, despite parents not living together.

Infants and toddlers may seem too young to understand what is happening during a divorce, but they can still be affected by stressful events.

During their first three years of life, children grow quickly, become mobile, learn language, begin to understand how the world works and form social relationships.

We will use the terms divorce and separation interchangeably to describe parents who are separated from each other.

Infants do not understand divorce, but they pick up on changes in their parents' feelings and behavior.

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