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"We met again at another event, and he claimed he'd lost it and asked for it again.

Then I had a Sailing Singles party at my home and he came to that." The pair never looked back and married in 2007.

He received a club newsletter in the mail and saw Barbara Billek's name as the one to contact for his area.

"I called her up to get more information and she explained the process.

Started 36 years ago, the age range, at least at today's gathering, is middle-aged and up.

He heard about Singles on Sailboats from a friend who'd bought a boat from a member and contacted the organization.

In other words, all the things those with spouses or family nearby take for granted.

Many of the members moved here for work, often years ago, and lacked the family network of home. There are Thanksgiving and Christmas Day parties when one member or another opens their home for dinner to other members who aren't away visiting relatives for the holidays.

In 1987 the couple sailed 15 weekend cruises and a few day sails with the club, and then did a 10-day extended cruise alone on the Chesapeake Bay."I took early retirement in 1994 to spend even more time on the water.

The following year Barb's company was bought out and we decided to get a boat that would take us south for the winter." The same year they headed south to Key West aboard Small Favors, the first of five winters aboard in Florida. Over 100 individual members own boats, with most used for club activities being in the 30- to 45-foot range.

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