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"Their opinions certainly play a part in which teachers are short listed," she said.

Unions have condemned the use of children as young as 10 in interview panels, describing it as a "dangerous" attack on the status of the profession.

“Students realize quickly that if they come to class prepared with the readings, we can spend valuable class time discussing case studies while enhancing their critical thinking for practice scenarios.

The dialogue between and among the teams sets the stage for the opportunity for transformational learning.” Marrocco’s second year family nurse practitioner students were able to experience “speed dating” for pharmacology.

After the patient/nurse interview was completed, the YSN students were asked to reflect on their interview method, questions, and behavior.

Miranda Baldwin, an assistant head at the school, said the speed-dating arrangement was more productive than a previous method tried by the school, in which job candidates were questioned in groups of three or four by student council representatives.

Reinforcement: Ideally, pupils should get new ideas from each new partner and push themselves to extend and develop their original answers.

Plenary: Pupils give feedback in pairs / whole class about good key words / nice examples / interesting ideas etc.

In this project, she enlisted the help of student actors from Yale to pose as patients.

Wearing the Google Glasses and recording live first-person video, the actors posed as patients with a specific problem and were interviewed by YSN students.

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The students were rotated around tables with experts and picked up pearls of wisdom in the pharmacological management and treatment of patients with specific problems.

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