Team foundation server reports not updating

I’m sure someone can give me a reason why this isn’t so but if you desire, enter a separate windows account to connect to the Tfs_Warehouse.

Make sure this account (either the service account that runs Analysis Services or the credentials you enter) have access to the Tfs_Warehouse.

Set the server to the name of your tabular Analysis Services server that you want to deploy the model to and provide a database name and a cube name (if they are different from the default) and click OK. Next, right-click the solution again and select Deploy.

As with updating the local model, if any errors are present (there should not be if the local update of the model is successful), check the errors and correct any problems.

The goal was to take the lowest common denominator and work off of that.

Finally, there are some additional fields and calculations that are included to demonstrate concepts you can apply for your own needs.

You’ll need to re-enter this information again for another process later on.

When you’re done, click OK on the Impersonation Information screen and click Test Connection on the Edit Connection screen then click Save to close the dialog.

And after that I’ll show you how to schedule an update of the tabular model and then we’ll look at the individual tables and hierarchies and some of the limitations.

Once the model is deployed, you need to be able to pipe data into it on a regular basis.

The TFS cube by default is updated once every two hours. With the tabular model, what I have found so far (using fairly large data sets) is that you can update it every 30 minutes with really no impact to production or anything else.

Part of this also depends on where your Tfs_Warehouse is and what type of system you are running it on but I certainly would not try to update it more than every 30 minutes.

To begin with, you need to create the script (which is an XML script that SQL Server will execute).

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At this point you are ready to work with the model.

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