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The Nintendo Wii U also has USB 2.0 ports rather than 3.0, which opens up the possibility of using a vast array of external drives rather than the USB 3.0 models required for Xbox One.

Indeed, you could opt for the same amount of memory as us and it will only set you back little more than £20 for the drive itself.

One way around that though, something we discovered, is to buy yourself a USB Y-cable.Tap on the original source and you'll get a screen that provides the option to copy/move an item or delete it.Naturally, you'll want to select the copy/move mode in the top right hand corner and on the next screen you can choose the game or save files you want to move across. One of the things we found out is that you can also add another USB storage device but cannot play games with more than one connected at a time.Although digital versions of Wii U games are nowhere near as large in file size as those available for Xbox One or PS4, nor do you require to install disc-based titles, you will still more than likely find yourself running out of storage space on your Nintendo console.The hard drive on the premium version is limited to 32GB, for instance, which is tiny in comparison to the drives in rival machines, even smartphones these days.

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