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Instead, you can employ a number of tactics to help solve the problem.

Example of results page titles & descriptions: Top Page Title: Theatres & Playhouses in Princeton, New Jersey Top Page Meta Description: Listings of 368 theatres, playhouses and performance venues in the Princeton, NJ region (including surrounding cities).

We've been getting a lot of questions in Q A and on the road at events like last week's Miva Merchant conference, Online Marketing Summit and the YCombinator conference about how to properly paginate results for search engines.

In this post, we'll cover the dangers, opportunities and optimization tactics that can best ensure success. These practices aren't just good for SEO, they're great for usability and user experience too!

But just how many links to content should the average category/results page show?

And how many pages of results should display in the pagination?

For many years, Google's recommended that pages contain no more than 100 links (internal or external) in order to make it easy for spiders to reach down deep into a site's architecture.

Many SEOs have found that this "limit" isn't hard and fast, but staying within that general range remains a best practice.

Also note that although I've illustrated using 5-10 listings (for graphical space requirements), a normal listings set could be 30-90 links per page, depending on the situation.

A missing meta description reduces complexity and potential mis-casting of URLs as duplicates.

Also notce that I've made the titles on results pages sub-optimal to help dissuade the engines from sending traffic to these URLs, rather than the top page (which is made to be the better "landing" experience for users).

Pagination, the practice of segmenting links to content on multiple pages, affects two critical elements of search engine accessibility.

When a site grows beyond a few dozen pages of content in a specific category or subcategory, listing all of the links on a single page of results can make for unwieldly, hard-to-use pages that seem to scroll indefinitely (and can cause long load times as well). But, usability isn't the only reason pagination exists.

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