Updating procedure huawei e220

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The usual disclaimers apply here - if you want to install the update do so at your own risk…..

Download firmware 11.117.09 This entry was posted on Friday, December 28th, 2007 at am and is filed under 3G Broadband / HSDPA, USB Modem.

You can now carry on and connect using the above methods. Note: It seems some people get it to work using tty USB1, which should not be the case, but rest assured that at least on recent kernels and systems tty USB0 is the correct port to dial with.

If you had to follow this step, you will always need the script unless you set udev rules and such (package link below). To check if the device is functioning alright on a particular serial port, there is a program for probing serial devices.

For Hex Editor, QMAT and E220 Sim Lock Unlock Tool requires no installation.

They are just perfectly safe files, simply double click on them to run. Then you will get version number and display Successfully Send Command at Bottom of the window if you correctly set the COM interface. You will get Successfully read EFS if everything went ok.

It’s just used for detecting the Harware Interface.Anyhow, the IDs are the same for almost all E220s, so you can copy wholesale.This gets around the kernel to recognize the modem functionalities of the device.With a kernel version older than 2.6.20, getting Linux to recognize the device as a modem and accessing its functions requires a workaround."Linux kernel versions prior to 2.6.20 have some problems with it, as the SCSI CDROM fakevolume with drivers for Microsoft systems gets automounted by module, preventing serial device /dev/tty USB0 from working properly." However, as support for it was added in 2.6.20 via modules usb-storage and usbserial, getting it to work is as simple as plugging it in and dialling up (the above statement is of no concern to us as we can load and unload modules at will, it was probably meant for pre-packaged GNU and Linux distributions).

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