Updating radeon 9250 requires admin rights to make changes

I recall the first time I used one - I found the 'pointing device' to be less than totally intuitive. (by SFN on 2006-03-13 GMT from Rochester, United States) "We get no press, though =/"I'm sure would love to post a story about you guys. 24 • Kororaa (by warpengi on 2006-03-13 GMT from Calgary, Canada) A lot of the mirrors are down for this new distro. I don't know either what the use for Xgl is BUT at least this is at the forefront of innovation.I still maintain that picture icons are better for describing nouns than actions - but you learn to adjust, and then wonder - 'how did we get along without it'. They are really not mature and useable at this point, but I suspect the day will come . With the ever increasing level of computing power in the home and the constant need to find new and flashy things to sell this computing power I have little doubt that the idea of 3D will be used for something.

Be grateful if someone could elaborate on how to build a Custom bootable DVD in english, please.Good luck to them and well done on the interview 3 • glad it's here (by ray carter at 2006-03-13 GMT from Meridian, United States) I was worried when the latest edition did not appear at the usual time - glad to see it's here.Thanks for the great articles on public school use in Taiwan - so much for the FUD that Linux requires a geek degree to set up!Last I have tried on a Athlon XP2600 , 512MBytes of RAM and a Radeon 9250 with 128MB's and it also has crashed when reaching X, it didn't seem to load accelerated graphics, as the login screen redraw was extremely slow. 11 • Still waiting (by Shadow on 2006-03-13 GMT from Mount Vernon, United States) I am still waiting to try out Kororaa. 12 • Kororaa (one mused excited user) (by Andy - England.on 2006-03-13 GMT from Stevenage, United Kingdom) QUOTE' We are building up a nice little community over at the forums'. He's one of the nicest and polite moderators of any forum I've visited.

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